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Moving In Day And The Inventory

Your moving day will always be an exciting day and you generally have lots of things planned. Below we've highlighted a few tips to help you with the important stuff!

Stop Taps:

It is important that you locate your stop tap in your property when you move in. This is important if you experience a leak at the property. Anglian Water provide helpful information about where you can locate it here. The below video also provides some information regarding leaks and your internal/external stop tap:

How to use my Fuse Board:

Your energy supplier will also be able to offer help and support, but this helpful video does give tips if you experience a power cut or similar issues:


Inventory & Check-In

At the start of the tenancy, an inventory check-in should be conducted.  The report is essentially in two parts, the ‘inventory’ element lists all of the items and the contents of the property and the ‘check-in’ element lists the condition of all of those items at the start of the tenancy along with confirmation of the meter readings and the number of keys handed over.

The same format can then be cross-checked at the end of the tenancy and any changes in condition noted. 

Inventories are written documents, supported with photos of the condition of the property. The reports are crucial for protecting both the landlord and tenant in any damage claims at the end of the tenancy as they accurately record the condition at the start and at the end of the tenancy.

Under the deposit scheme rules, if a landlord wishes to make for damages which are subsequently disputed by the tenant, both parties will need to provide evidence to substantiate their claim.  The inventory check-in and check-outs will be key documents to show the condition of the property at the start and end of the tenancy.  You should check the document thoroughly at the start and make note of any discrepancies that you feel it may contain so that there is an agreed record right from the beginning.  It is recommended that the inventories are signed.