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Reporting Problems And Getting Things Fixed

The success of most tenancies will come down to the working relationship between landlord and tenant.  It is important to remember that it is a professional contractual relationship. Most problems occur when there is a breakdown in communication.  So we will always endeavour to maintain an open and transparent working relationship. 

Maintenance problems

If you experience any maintenance issues, in the first instance we ask that you contact your local branch as soon possible. Ideally we ask for as much information as possible, this may include asking you to provide pictures where applicable. 

Once works have been agreed and instructed, we will always endeavour for them to be completed within a reasonable timescale.

Below, we've detailed some common maintenance issues and how to resolve them:

How to clean your washing machine filter:

How to change a florescent tube and starter:

How to use Storage Heaters:

Advice if your boiler stops working*

*The video relates to British Gas but includes some helpful tips to try

An introduction to pre-payment meters*

*This video relate to E-ON and includes some helpful tips but we would recommend contacting your supplier

Stop Taps:

It is important that you locate your stop tap in your property when you move in. This is important if you experience a leak at the property. Anglian Water provide helpful information about where you can locate it here. The below video also provides some information regarding leaks and your internal/external stop tap:

Fuse Board Queries:

Your energy supplier will also be able to offer help and support, but this helpful video does give tips if you experience a power cut or similar issues:

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are generally specific to power and water and most contractors that attend to these sort of problems (power failures, major leaks and flooding) will do the minimum overnight to stem the problem and then re-attend the next day when they will cause less disruption to other residents, be working in daylight and on normal rates.

If you have an emergency you should also take what reasonable precautions you can to prevent any damage, including switching off electric or water supplies or trying to contact your neighbour if there is a leak coming from their property.

If you experience an emergency, click on the following link for further advice and information.